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The WaywardPath

In Praise of Not “Getting Away”

I consider myself an unreconstructed urbanite. I’ve spent approximately 17% of my life, (yes, I did the math), in locations with populations of less than 100,000. The rest of it has been spent in cities. So, it was with trepidation that, after a six-­week research trip to Japan this summer, I found myself heading to the quiet and sprawling environs of…
The WaywardPath

Living in Brazil, the Beginning

The windows are open and the sounds of the evangelical church down the road come flooding through: raucous singing, tambourines, a preacher on a microphone, rapturous fits. Last night, it was the club nearby that disturbed the peace– bass, bass, bass. That’s how it is around here, church and club battling for dominance. The nights reverberate. Dusk is heavy with sound, and the days…
The WaywardPath

Renting a Best Friend in Odaiba, Tokyo

Yesterday afternoon, I visited Odaiba Island with a good friend. Odaiba, built on artificial land is home to Fuji TV the largest and most powerful TV station in Japan. Over the years, Odaiba has become a popular sightseeing spot for young Japanese people and tourists alike. It has become increasingly popular among Chinese and Indian tourists, as there is seemingly more Chinese being spoken than Japanese. Odaiba beach volleyball…
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The WaywardPath
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The WaywardPath
A Restaurant With No Windows, but Great Views
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Editorial Reviews

“"In these fantastical stories, in which we meet labyrinth-dwellers, assassins, regular folks, and a Messenger from God, Subodhana Wijeyeratne has achieved a stirring collection that entertains and asks questions. The author's cinematic descriptions and dynamic plots won't let you put Tales from the Stone Lotus down."
- , '”

Maria PintoThe Missing Slate' Author of the Month

“I enjoyed this book. I am going to find the sequel. A hectic and involving story which kept reminding me of a film, not the story but the style. It was also a good long read. I want to be in the world for a good chunk of time.”

Richard GatesAshra - by Jon Lang

“Big fan of his work having read and reviewed his previous books. I am a believer that retirement is dead and we gotta live for now and plan for every day we are alive”

Michael MicheliniCEO - Global From Asia
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