Jon Lang

Author and Japan expert

I was raised deep in the Midwest, where the land is sold in acres and the horses, cows, and chickens outnumber people. I fled as soon as I could by going to UC-Berkeley, and ended up graduating with a degree in Japanese with a few years of molecular cell biology on the side. Fleeing even further, my travels took me to Tokyo, where I discovered the best sushi and the worst weather. The wind blew me to Seattle, then kept pushing me south to LA for grad school. I got kicked out of a PhD program at UCLA with a Master’s, and am currently nomading around NorCal.

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Editorial Reviews

“Big fan of his work having read and reviewed his previous books. I am a believer that retirement is dead and we gotta live for now and plan for every day we are alive”

Michael MicheliniCEO - Global From Asia

“"In these fantastical stories, in which we meet labyrinth-dwellers, assassins, regular folks, and a Messenger from God, Subodhana Wijeyeratne has achieved a stirring collection that entertains and asks questions. The author's cinematic descriptions and dynamic plots won't let you put Tales from the Stone Lotus down."
- , '”

Maria PintoThe Missing Slate' Author of the Month
High Quality. Entertaining & Educational.

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